Georgia, un legado vinícola para descubrir

Georgia: an exquisite wine legacy to discover

Ignacio Herrero Hidalgo

In the exciting world of wine, few regions have as much to offer as Georgia. It is a hidden gem in the Caucasus, whose Georgian wine is a true revelation for wine lovers.

In this article, we invite you to embark on a fascinating journey through Georgian lands to discover the charm and magic of its wine, a winemaking legacy that has withstood the passage of centuries.

The History of a Centennial Tradition of more than 8,000 years:

Georgia is considered the birthplace of wine, with a winemaking tradition dating back more than 8,000 years. Georgian winemaking methods are unique and distinctive, especially the use of " Qvevris " , huge clay vessels of up to 2,000 liters, buried in the ground, where Georgian wine is macerated with its skins, fermented and aged for long periods. of time (from 3 to 9 months).

This ancient ancestral method gives Georgian wine its distinctive character, achieving exceptional and tremendously complex wines.

Infinite varieties of grapes:

Georgia prides itself on its diversity of native grapes (over 500 varieties), some of which are unique to the region.

Saperavi, a dye grape with tremendous intensity of color that gives wines an elegant flavor, is perhaps the most emblematic variety of Georgian wine.

We also find the Rkatsiteli or Msvane grapes, which are unique in their kind and with which most of the white and amber wines in Georgia are made.

Each variety represents a tribute to the richness and biodiversity of the Georgian soil.

At the time when Georgia belonged to the USSR, the Soviet regime attempted to expropriate some of those ancient vineyards to give them other uses and thus cut down those highly valuable vines. Legend has it that many farmers were killed when they refused, but they kept the roots of those plants in their pockets, so that when they were buried, they would sprout again .

In this way, some of those varieties that are so representative of Georgia were saved, increasing even more, if possible, the cultural value and respect for the Georgian wine heritage.

The Magic of the Qvevris:

As we mentioned earlier, Qvevris are essential to the production of Georgian wine. These characteristic vessels allow natural fermentation thanks to the presence of native yeasts found in the skins of the grapes.

The result is a living wine, with a unique personality and a deep connection with the land and history of the region. When tasting a Georgian wine, you are savoring centuries of tradition in every sip.

The culture of the Qvevris in Georgia is almost a religion. It is true that today wines are made with more modern processes and that they call them “more European”, but the true purists of the Georgian tradition will tell you, for example, that “a wine that tastes of wood is neither wine nor nothing" .

It is curious and very surprising for those of us who have it deeply in our heads that the best wines are aged in wood... But there things work differently and the value lies in the naturalness of the process. In being able to make the best wine, with the methods that our ancestors used for more than eight thousand years.

The result is wines that surprise precisely because of their naturalness: because they do not show a high level of alcohol at first glance (although they usually do); for getting drunk very slowly and promoting light digestion... AND for NOT LEAVING A HANGOVER (perhaps the most important thing).

A World of Flavors to Discover:

Georgian wine is a range of flavors that range from dry and fruity to sweet and spicy. The red wines are robust and structured, while the whites surprise with their freshness and complexity.

Each bottle is an opportunity to explore new nuances and pair with Georgian gastronomy, famous for its authentic and exquisite dishes.

Georgia Charm:

In addition to its wines, Georgia dazzles us with its natural beauty and rich history. From the majestic mountain landscapes of the Caucasus to the picturesque medieval towns, every corner of Georgia has a fascinating story to tell. Visiting its wineries and vineyards is like immersing yourself in a wine fairy tale that captivates you from the first moment.


Georgian wine is a wine treasure that deserves to be explored and appreciated by lovers of good wine and gastronomy.

Its ancient history, its exclusive winemaking tradition and its richness of flavors make each bottle a unique experience for the palate.

If you are looking to discover new wine horizons, do not hesitate to toast withone of our Georgian wines , the sensory journey that will take you to a world of charm and exoticism.

Cheers and enjoy Georgia's wine heritage!

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