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New fashion - orange (amber) wines

Nina Baidoshvili

Orange wine or amber wine - is one of the latest trends in the world of wine in Spain.

This type of wine is characterized by its amber color, which is the result of the fermentation process carried out with the grapes and skins, which gives them a unique texture and flavor.

Although orange wine is relatively new to the Spanish market, its origin dates back to more than 8,000 years ago in Georgia . There the wine was made in clay jars called “Qvevris”. In Qvevri they macerated the grapes together with the skins and seeds to obtain a wine with a very special flavor and aroma.
In Spain, orange wine began to gain popularity in recent years due to its intense and complex flavor, which combines notes of ripe candied fruits, herbs and spices. In addition, its artisanal production process makes it a very exclusive and unique wine.
Despite their growing popularity in Spain, many consumers are not familiar with orange wines. The production of orange wine is limited and we can find only a few wineries that make it in an artisanal way. Therefore, I think for other reasons, it is not so easy for consumers to find them in any supermarket or wine store.

Why orange wine?

  1. Tradition: Spain is a country with a rich winemaking tradition and has produced wines of many varieties and styles for centuries. Amber wine has a long history in some regions of Spain, such as Rioja, and is part of the country's wine culture.
  2. Food pairing: Amber wine has a complex flavor with notes of oxidation that makes it a good complement to dishes with more intense flavors. In Spanish culture, amber wine could be a popular choice to pair with typical dishes of local cuisine.
  3. New trend: Although amber wine has a long history, it is also an emerging trend in the wine industry.

So, if you want to try something new and different, you are passionate about knowing and enjoying special flavors, you are food lovers and you like adventures, amber wine could be an attractive option.

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Muy interesante el comentario. Ayuda a descubrir vinos que se desconocen generalmente en España y son autenticas joyas gastronómicas. Gracias por ayudar a descubrirlos. Nacho-Madrid

Ignacio Herrero Alonso

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