Los Qvevris, las vasijas de barro en las que se elaboran los vinos georgianos

Qvevri - The essence of Georgian wines

Nina Baidoshvili

The Qvevri (also known as kvevri ) is an amphora-shaped clay vessel used in winemaking in Georgia.

The Qvevri is a large clay amphora with a capacity that can vary from a few hundred liters to 1,000 or 2,000 liters.

These clay pots are used to ferment and store wine in a traditional way.

The Qvevris have a history of more than 8,000 years in Georgia, which is why it is considered to be the place with the oldest winemaking tradition in the world.

Why are they buried in the ground?

For a constant and cool temperature for the fermentation and aging process of the wine.


The Qvevris buried in the ground

The winemaking process at Qvevri is special and distinctive because it allows fermentation to take place with the skins and seeds of the grapes, resulting in a type of wine called " orange wine " due to its amber color.


The qvevri fermentation and storage technique is an ancient and different form of winemaking in Georgia.

The Qvevris have a history of thousands of years and are recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity .

Qvevris are a very important part of Georgian culture and are associated with the country's identity and heritage.

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