Vinos de Georgia, la uva Saperavi

Saperavi - the dye grape

Nina Baidoshvili

Tintorera grapes - are a type of red grape that have the particularity of having dark red pulp and skin, which distinguishes them from other varieties of red grapes that have white pulp and red skin. These grapes are especially useful in the production of red wines since the color of the skin is transmitted to the must during fermentation, giving it its characteristic red tone.

Tintorera grapes are used in combination with other red grape varieties to improve the intensity of the color and flavor of the wine.

Saperavi - is a red grape variety native to Georgia. According to the publication "Wine Grapes" by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz, Saperavi is one of the 17 most important tintorera grapes in the world.

Saperavi is known for its thick skin and high acidity. These characteristics give them a unique flavor and the capacity for prolonged aging.

The taste of Saperavi wine may vary depending on the region and the production method. Speaking of Saperavi, it is usually described as robust, with notes of black fruits and spices.

In addition to Georgia , Saperavi is also grown in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, the United States and Australia, although to a lesser extent.

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