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Georgia Wine Regions

Nina Baidoshvili

Georgia, with its diverse landscape and varied climates, is home to several wine regions that contribute to the richness and uniqueness of its wines. Below we highlight some of the main wine areas in Georgia:

Kakheti: The Jewel of the East

  • Location: East of Georgia.
  • Features: Kakheti is the most famous and extensive wine region in the country. Its warm, dry climate, along with its fertile soil, is ideal for growing grapes. Many traditional wineries are located here that use qvevris to produce notable wines, including the famous Saperavi and Rkatsiteli .

Imereti : Western Mountain Lands

    • Location: West Georgia.
    • Characteristics: Imereti is characterized by its mountainous topography and temperate climate. Grape varieties such as Tsolikouri and Tsitska thrive in this region. Imereti winemakers often use Qvevris, but they have also adopted more modern approaches to winemaking.

    Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti: Treasures in the Mountains

      • Location: In northwest Georgia.
      • Features: This mountainous region is known for its cool climate and rich soils. Varieties such as Aleqsandrouli and Mujuretuli are native to here. Vineyards are grown on terraces on the mountain slopes, creating a picturesque landscape.

      Kartli: Tradition in the Heart of the Country

      • Location: In the central part of Georgia.
      • Features: Kartli is home to the historic town of Gori and is also known for its wine production. Here, the vineyards benefit from a continental climate, and varieties such as Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri, are prized for their distinctive character.

      Adjara: Winemaking on the Black Sea Coast

      • Location: On the southwest coast of Georgia.
      • Features: The Adjara region enjoys a subtropical climate due to its proximity to the Black Sea. Grapes such as Batomura , Ghvanura, Ojaleshi They are grown on terraces in the hills, and the marine influence brings unique characteristics to the region's wines.

      Guria: Treasure of the Southwest

      • Location: In southwest Georgia.
      • Characteristics: Guria, a region with a moderate subtropical climate, is noted for its unique contribution to the Georgian wine scene. Here, grapes such as Otskhanuri and Chkhaveri are grown on terraces on the hills, benefiting from the marine influence of the Black Sea. The combination of fertile soils and particular climatic conditions provides distinctive characteristics to Guria wines.
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