vino ámbar de Georgia

Do you know Georgian amber wine?

Nina Baidoshvili

Georgia Orange Wines

In the landscape of Georgia, where ancient traditions are intertwined with the passion for wine, a unique wine treasure emerges: orange wines.

These wines, which are distinguished by their captivating amber color, are the result of an ancient technique that has endured through the centuries. Orange wines are made in clay jars known as Qvevris , a traditional method that dates back more than 8,000 years.

In this process, the white grapes ferment together with their skins and seeds, acquiring an orange hue and a complexity of flavors. The thick skin of the Rkatsiteli grape used in the production of Georgian orange wines contributes to the intensity of its color and gives unique notes to the wines.

Prolonged maceration during the winemaking process provides aromas of dried fruits, spices and herbs, which combine with the freshness and acidity of white wines.

What makes orange wines especially interesting is their ability to age for a long time. Thanks to the tannic structure, these wines can evolve in the bottle for years, revealing new layers of complexity over time.

The experience of enjoying a Georgia orange wine is a sensory journey in itself. Each sip is an encounter with the history and winemaking craftsmanship of a region that has perfected the art of qvevris winemaking. Already paired with the rich Georgian gastronomy, (If you have not tried it, I invite you to try it) I assure you that you will not forget the orange wine.

In short, Georgia orange wines represent a unique fusion of tradition, innovation and flavor. These amber jewels capture the essence of a land that has perfected the art of winemaking over the centuries, offering wine lovers an unforgettable experience.

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