Vinos naturales de Georgia, elaborados en Qvevris

Georgia's natural wines

Nina Baidoshvili

Welcome to an exciting journey through the wonderful world of Georgia 's natural wine .

On this adventure, we have learned about Georgia's rich wine history, discovering the tradition of making wine in clay jars known as Qvevri .

We taste unique wines, meet the talented winemakers and soak up their experiences in the making of this oenological gem.

To fully understand the importance of wine in Georgian culture, we must go back thousands of years.

Winemaking is said to have originated in this ancient land, where wild grapes grew abundantly. Over the centuries, the Georgians perfected their techniques and developed their own style of winemaking, focusing on the use of clay jars - Qvevri .

The first Qvevri, 6th millennium BC. c

The first Qvevri , 6,000 BC. c

The Qvevri is a ceramic container used to ferment and store wine. These jars have a characteristic shape and are buried in the ground, which allows a constant temperature to be maintained during the fermentation process. Furthermore, its porosity allows for gentle microoxygenation and natural fermentation, without the need for chemical additives.

During our trip, we were lucky enough to meet passionate winemakers who have kept the tradition of wine in clay jars – Qvevri – alive. They opened the doors of their wineries to us and shared with us their experiences and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Each winemaker had their own story to tell, from those who followed traditional winemaking methods to those who experimented with modern techniques but without losing the essence of natural wine .

They taught us about the selection of grapes, maceration in clay jars and care during fermentation.

We also learned about the importance of the connection between wine and land, and how terroir influences the taste and quality of wine .

The tasting of natural wines, JSC "Corporation Kindzmarauli"

And the most anticipated moment has arrived! We sat down to enjoy the tastings of the natural wines made in Qvevri .

Each sip was a unique experience and transported us to the very essence of Georgia . The wines had a distinct personality, with complex and surprising flavors and aromas.

We tried a wide variety of wines, from fresh and fruity whites to intense and spicy reds.

We discovered that natural wines, without chemical intervention or filtering, have authenticity and purity.

It was as if each sip told a story of the land and the hands that had created it.

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